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DOG REG 2023

Town of Frenchville Revaluation
Meet the Team

Brandon Shawn

Brandon is the Town of Frenchville’s Assessor. Shawn is part of his team for the Revaluation, there may be more team members coming but they will have IDs like this.

During our Town Meeting on March 21, 2023, Article 5 read:
" To see if the Town will vote to authorize the Board of Select People to enter a two-year contract with Saucier Services to complete a town wide
Computerized Municipal Equalization and to update the existing TRIO Assessing Software to coincide with the requirements of the proposed Equalization project.
Funding for this project, estimated at a total cost of $131,100 shall be transferred from the unappropriated Surplus Reserve account, and shall be combined with
funding in the existing General Government Property Tax Revaluation Reserve account."
Recommended by the Board of Select People
Recommended by the Budget Committee
This Article was passed by the towns people. 

The town also had a special town meeting back on May 24, 2023, at the community center to explain and answer questions. We are currently doing a revaluation of the town as it hasn’t been done since 1978.
In 2008 the town had a 35% in office valuation increase across the board, this was not a revaulation as we are doing now, rather, that 35% increase was applied to all homes in Frenchville. This revaulation
will look at each home separately. You will see Shawn or Brandon come to your home. They will measure the outside of your house and outbuildings. They will ask to come inside to check your electrical,
plumbing, other components of your home and ask you various questions. If you are not at home, they will leave you a flyer asking you to call to set up a time for them to come back. Some home values may go down,
some home values may go up. You do not have to let them into your home, but just know that if you don't, they will have to estimate the current value, and it could be higher than the current value. While some values
may go up, the towns value given by the state will also go up to 100% or better, this will give you the full value of the States homestead and Veterans exemption, and it is anticipated that the Towns mil rate will decrease. 

For more information you can click Here for the flyer or call us at the town office - 543-7301


Hunters for the Hungry

Click here for approved meat processors

Click here for more information on the Hunters for the Hungry program




Frenchville’s Fire Department has received a generous donation of $10,000.00!
Now we challenge YOU to match or exceed this generous donation!!
All proceeds go to the purchase of a new battery-operated lifesaving spreader extrication tool.

To reach our GoFundMe page, click Here
On behalf of the Frenchville Fire Department, our 26 Volunteer Members would like to reach out to our community as well as neighboring communities with this amazing news. As many of you know we are always
looking to better our equipment to the new and improved so we can provide the best possible service when our help is needed. Recently we have received a generous $10,000.00 donation to put towards a
battery-operated extrication tool making it more mobile and user-friendly than the hydraulic set that is currently tied to the truck with a hydraulic hose that has a limited reach.
We are beyond blessed to have been fortunate enough to receive this donation, but it did come with this challenge, and we need your help! Our challenge from the very generous donator is to reach out to the surrounding
and neighboring communities, individuals and businesses to see if we can come together to match or exceed the $10,000.00 making us closer to being able to proceed with the purchase of this new spreader extrication tool.
Any extra donations would be used for other necessary tools and safety equipment needed.
You can use the Go-Fund ME, mail a check in or come in person to the town office to donate. Checks should be payable to the Town of Frenchville. Anyone who would like to reach out to the Frenchville Fire Department
regarding donations or more information can message us on Facebook or call [phone redacted] to reach the Town Office. Remember this doesn’t only benefit us as a department or small town, but it also benefits everyone,
family, friends and nearby towns when we are called out and for mutual aid as well.
Our challenge will last until December 1st, 2023, or until our goal is met. The Frenchville Fire Department and the Town of Frenchville thank you all in advance for your support and we are looking forward to
accomplishingthis challenge and reaching our goal. Upon receiving your donation, we will send a thank you letter with the amount for your income tax purposes. We will need your address to do this if you would like to
claim it as a tax deduction.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and don’t forget to share!!