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General Assistance

Each City and Town in Maine has a general assistance program available to help eligible residents with meeting their basic needs during difficult financial times.

The Administrator for general assistance in Frenchville accepts applications on Wednesdays. Emergency applications are an exception to the rule and may be submitted at any time.

Please be advised that there are many other programs available to help individuals and families in times of need. Such programs include TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) if you have minor children; Food Stamps for groceries, Maine Care for medical, Li-Heap for heating assistance, whether it be oil, propane, firewood, or electric, and Section 8 for subsidized housing.

Frenchville has a food pantry, the St. Luce Social Action Food Pantry, which is located at 45 US Rte 1, Frenchville, ME 04745

Days and Hours: Twice Monthly

For more information about the food pantry contact: Andrew N. McQuarrie 207-543-7447 or 207-728-4635