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ATV Registration


    ATV Registrations run from July 1-June 30. They expire June 30 and are available May 1st for renewal. 

    What to bring to register your ATV:

    For Re-Registrations: You will need to bring your old registration. 

    For New Registrations: 
         Dealer Sale: Bill of Sale showing tax has been paid. 
         Private Sale: Bill of sale clearly stating the Year, Make, Vin Number and price. 

  • $  70.00 (Resident) 
  • $100.00 (7 day, Non Resident)
  • $115.00 (Full Season, Non Resident) 

    Click here to re-register online  There will be a 2.5% fee of total for Credit/Debit Cards. 

  • First time new registrations cannot be done online. 
         Click Here to go to the Frenchville ATV Club Website.
         Memberships now available on thier website.